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,As a famous hose accessories manufacturer in China. Our products contain Camlock Coupling, Storz Coupling,Guillemin Coupling, Camlock Couplings, Pin Lug Coupling, Combination Nipple, Universal Coupling, Whipcheck Safety Cable ,Bauer Coupling,Hose Clamp and other hardware more+


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The technical advantages of diaphragm couplings

Diaphragm coupling is a high-performance flexible coupling with strong metal elements. It consists of several groups of ...


Assembly steps and installation method of gear coupling

1. Put the outer ring on the half coupling and install a suitable baffle on the flange of the half coupling, and fix the...


Diaphragm coupling structure and plum blossom elastic coupling technology

The diaphragm coupling bolt connection does not need to be threaded on the connecting piece, the use is not restricted b...


The performance requirements of the coupling

According to different working conditions, the coupling must have the following performance: (1) Mobility. The mobility ...


Couplings can be divided into two categories: rigid couplings and flexible couplings

Couplings are also called couplings. Mechanical components used to firmly connect the drive shaft and driven shaft in di...


Storage of hoses and fittings

In order to ensure that the hose is used during its effective use period, an appropriate system should be established to...


Assembly instructions for metal hose connectors

1. Pipe preparation • The cut at the end of the pipe must be flat, and the angle tolerance is allowed within 0.5 degrees...


What are the connection methods of metal hose connectors?

As an indispensable flexible pipeline in industrial pipelines, metal hose clamp are mainly composed of bellows, net slee...


Remedial measures for stainless steel metal hose joint leakage

Any product has a service life and shelf life. The stainless steel metal hose joint is unprecedented. After long-term us...