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Ningbo Chili Hardware Co., Ltd. is a professional China Hose Flanges Manufacturers and Hose Flanges Factory. our company located in Hangzhou Bay , Cixi city, Zhejiang Province. The traffic is very convenient,We are near to Ningbo and Shanghai port.Only 100 kilometers to Ningbo port and 120 kilometers to Shanghai port. Our products contain Camlock Coupling, Storz Coupling, Air Hose Couplings, Pin Lug Coupling, Combination Nipple, Universal Coupling, Whipcheck Safety Cable ,Bauer Coupling,Hose Clamp. The materials are mainly made of Stainless steel, Aluminium, Brass, Carbon steel,PP, Nylon.They are widely used in petro, chemical, mining, firefighting, agriculture and water conservancy industry. Because of good quality and reasonable price, our Wholesale Hose Flanges are exported to North America, Australia, Europe,South Africa,Southeast Asia and Middle East.


Can a hose clamp prevent fluid or gas systems from leaking?

As a type of fastener, the hose clamp is mainly used to attach and fix pipelines, mainly at the relationship of small diameter sof...

Are hose clamps highly resistant to environmental conditions?

Usually, hose clamps are manufactured from stainless steel or carbon steel, that have true corrosion and climate resistance and ca...

Can the hose clamp be used with different size hoses?

Hose clamps typically have adjustable designs that allow them to be used with hoses of various sizes. This adjustability is comple...

Does the hose clamp prevent the hose from slipping?

The main function of the hose clamp is to fix and clamp the hose, and its design usually has anti slip patterns, which can increas...

Can the hose clamp be adjusted?

A hose clamp refers to a tool used to secure and shield a hose, typically made of metallic or plastic. The design and use of hose ...