Gear coupling processing method and processing standard


Couplings include general structure gear couplings, dru […]

Couplings include general structure gear couplings, drum gear couplings, nylon gear couplings and so on. Among them, there are many types of drum gear couplings and they are widely used. Our gear couplings bring you a high-quality experience, and the product quality is guaranteed. Gear couplings use parallel or spiral groove systems to adapt to various deviations and transmit torque. Gear couplings are driven by the torque force generated by the mutual matching of internal and external teeth to drive the shaft to rotate. Generally, there are two structural types, drum gears and spur gears. Gear couplings usually have good performance and price advantages. In many practical applications of stepping and servo systems, gear couplings are the product of choice.

Gear coupling gears need to be modulated and carburized after rough machining in accordance with the standard. The gears are generally processed by a CNC gear hobbing machine and a CNC gear shaping machine. After the gear is processed, the local high-frequency dipping of the gear is carried out, so that the entire processing technology is basically completed. The gear coupling needs to be debugged during installation, and sticky oil or grease should be injected between the gears to ensure better contact between the gears of the coupling. The gear modulus fit of the gear coupling is calculated according to the theoretical formula, how many teeth correspond to how many moduli, and the tolerance fit requirements are extremely high, and the fit gap is guaranteed to be within 5 wires. The tolerance clearance fit between the inner tooth inner diameter and the outer tooth outer diameter of the gear coupling is also particularly important. The bulge curve is mostly one arc, and there are also three arcs. These circles are called bulge circles. In the degree curve, there are the center of the bulge circle on the axis of the gear, and some are not on the axis; the center of the bulge circle coincides with the center of the sphere of the tooth surface, and some do not. Usually the design is based on experience.

Gear couplings should meet the requirements. When the inclination angle between the shafts is at the maximum, there will be no edge contact phenomenon. The smaller the concentrated load of the gear teeth, the better, and the curvature of the tooth surface is proportional to the circumference of the drum, so the drum radius is as far as possible Big. The curvature radius of the bulge curve is proportional to the single-sided thinning of the internal tooth, so the bulge circle radius should be as large as possible. The radius of curvature of the drum curve is proportional to the single-sided thinning of the internal tooth, that is, it is related to the meshing gap of the tooth. Insufficient thinning may cause interference, and excessive thinning will weaken the strength of the tooth, and the backlash will be large. . For the heat treatment and machining requirements of gear couplings, the forgings should be pre-heated after forging to improve the structure and workability. Rough machining, forging properties should be roughed before heat treatment, leaving a minimum machining allowance. Performance heat treatment, forgings should be quenched and tempered to achieve the required performance. Mechanical processing after performance heat treatment. After the mechanical properties are qualified, the forgings are processed to the size and surface roughness specified by the drawing provided by the buyer.

The gear coupling has a continuous multi-turn long slot, this coupling has very good elasticity and very small bearing load. It can withstand various deviations and is most suitable for correcting deflection and axial deviation, but its ability to deal with eccentricity is relatively poor. Because the spiral groove is bent in two different directions at the same time, a large internal pressure will be generated, thus Cause premature damage to the coupling. Although the long spiral groove coupling can easily bend under various deviations, it has the same effect on the rigidity of the coupling under the torsional load.