How To Control The Quality Of Stainless Steel Wire Braided Teflon Hose Assembly


One of our core products is stainless steel wire braide […]

One of our core products is stainless steel wire braided teflon hose assembly. Inner hose is teflon hose, outer braided is stainless steel wire, it was crimped two end fittings.  

How we control the quality?

Firstly, we select the raw material of teflon hose and SS wire according to customer's requirement. Some from USA, Japan and Taiwan, some are from China local market. We use unique braided technique to make sure all our hoses meet high pressure.

We crimp end fittings and hoses by Techmaflex brand crimping machine which was imported from France and designed for Tefon hose crimping only, It has accurate and stable performance for crimping. After crimping, all our hoses are 100% tested before shipment, we take 1.5 time working pressure and keep 15 minutes to test the leakage. So we can guarantee there is no any leakage for all our hoses. It is safe absolutely in your application.  

Currently, we mainly supply our hoses to North America market. They are mainly used for oil and gas industry, vacuum/steam lines, Chemcial industry and so on. All our clients are very satistied with our quality. If you have demand of our hose. I hope I can get your inqury to quote for you.