type D stainless steel camlock fittings Suppliers

type D stainless steel camlock fittings

type D stainless steel camlock fittings

Ningbo Chili Hardware Co., Ltd.

Standard:Our camlock coupling are made to standard of A - A-59326(previously called MIL-C-27487)or DIN 2828.

Material:stainless steel

Pins, Rings and Safety clips:We use steel Pins,Rings and Safety clips.

Gasket:NBR(Other materials are available on request.)

Thread:NPT, BSP (We usually make the female thread parallel BSPP, male thread tapered BSPT)

Technics:Investment casting

Application: Camlock Coupling is widely used in chemical, oil and gas, mining, fire-fighting, agriculture, tank car.

MOQ: 50 Each Product

Delivery: 20-35days (according to quantity)

Port: Ningbo and Shanghai


type D stainless steel camlock fittings Details

1/2 " CL-050D-SS316 CL-050D-SS304
3/4 " CL-075D-SS316 CL-075D-SS304
1" CL-100D-SS316 CL-100D-SS304
1-1/4 " CL-125D-SS316 CL-125D-SS304
1-1/2 " CL-150D-SS316 CL-150D-SS304
2 " CL-200D-SS316 CL-200D-SS304
2-1/2 " CL-250D-SS316 CL-250D-SS304
3 " CL-300D-SS316 CL-300D-SS304
4 " CL-400D-SS316 CL-400D-SS304
5 " CL-500D-SS316 CL-500D-SS304
6 " DL-600D-SS316 CL-600D-SS304

type D stainless steel camlock fittings

Straight body with two openings for connecting two hoses or pipes with cam and groove fittings or threads
One female cam coupler end for connecting to male groove adapters and one NPT female threaded end for connecting to an NPT male threaded connection (Type D)

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