Stainless steel type DP camlock coupling Suppliers

Stainless steel type DP camlock coupling

Stainless steel type DP camlock coupling

Ningbo Chili Hardware Co., Ltd.

Standard:Our camlock coupling are made to standard of A - A-59326(previously called MIL-C-27487)or DIN 2828.

Material:stainless steel

Pins, Rings and Safety clips:We use steel Pins,Rings and Safety clips.

Gasket:NBR(Other materials are available on request.)

Thread:NPT, BSP (We usually make the female thread parallel BSPP, male thread tapered BSPT)

Technics:Investment casting

Application: Camlock Coupling is widely used in chemical, oil and gas, mining, fire-fighting, agriculture, tank car.

MOQ: 50 Each Product

Delivery: 20-35days (according to quantity)

Port: Ningbo and Shanghai


Stainless steel type DP camlock coupling Details

1/2 " CL-050DP-SS316 CL-050DP-SS304
3/4 " CL-075DP-SS316 CL-075DP-SS304
1" CL-100DP-SS316 CL-100DP-SS304
1-1/4 " CL-125DP-SS316 CL-125DP-SS304
1-1/2 " CL-150DP-SS316 CL-150DP-SS304
2 " CL-200DP-SS316 CL-200DP-SS304
2-1/2 " CL-250DP-SS316 CL-250DP-SS304
3 " CL-300DP-SS316 CL-300DP-SS304
4 " CL-400DP-SS316 CL-400DP-SS304
5 " CL-500DP-SS316 CL-500DP-SS304
6 " CL-600DP-SS316 CL-600DP-SS304


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