double bolt tiger hoses clamp Suppliers

double bolt tiger hoses clamp

double bolt tiger hoses clamp

Ningbo Chili Hardware Co., Ltd.

double bolt tiger hoses clamp

WIDELY USED – The pipe tube clamps are used in securing hoses, pipe, cable, tube, fuel lines etc. Perfect to apply in automotive, industrial, boat/marine, shield, electronic or home applications

【Durable Quality:】 All the hose clamps including the band, housing and screw are made of 304 stainless steel, with high performance of corrosion resistance and acid resistance, they are strong and durable, when installing on the pipe, you will no longer worry about them rusting and breaking.
【Adjustable Style:】 All the hose clamps with screws, you can adjust the size according to the diameter of the pipe, clamps are flexible and ductile, so you can install and remove them at any time. The range of clamps represents the minimum and maximum sizes they can be adjusted.


double bolt tiger hoses clamp Details

TYPE SIZE Left Right
TYPE-C 1-1/2 " XC-SC-001L XC-SC-001R
2 " XC-SC-002L XC-SC-002R
2-1/2 " XC-SC-003L XC-SC-003R
3 " XC-SC-004L XC-SC-004R
4 " XC-SC-005L XC-SC-005R
5 " XC-SC-006L XC-SC-006R
6 " XC-SC-007L XC-SC-007R
8" XC-SC-008L XC-SC-008R
10 " XC-SC-009L XC-SC-009R
12 " XC-SC-010L XC-SC-010R
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